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SEO Company Leicester

If you are looking for a SEO Company Leicester then you have arrived at the right place.
We provide SEO services throughout the Leicestershire area.
See what our Leicester SEO service includes:

Search Engine Listing
Your website listed on the major search engines
(if not already listed)

An updated listing on Google in approximately 2 weeks

Website Optimisation
Keyword research carried out with suggestions on best keywords
to target for your kind of website.

Your website optimised for its targeted keywords

Link Building
Setting up keyword links from other websites to increase your
Google Page rank and improve your positions in the Google results.

Some keywords in the Google results within 3-6 weeks
with others to follow

Progress Tracking
Regular updates on the progress of your website
Weekly Google Position Reports

On Going SEO
Your top positions maintained
Targeting different keywords if required

or call the number below:

07522 312 284

or email:

seo leicester

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